About Us


We are a family who loves being in nature! Shay has been hiking, camping, & backpacking since the 80s. Heather’s love of nature activities has grown over the past 10 years with the kids all following in our footsteps!

As our lives have gotten busier with kids in school and our jobs occupying too much of our time, we have not always been able to spend the time we want to living in nature! There have been a handful of years when we were not able to go camping at all…those were not fun years! Usually, though, we try to camp at least 5 -10 times a year…the keyword here is “try”!

We started Poised Wanderer (blog.poisedwanderer.com) to share our experiences and pass on things we’ve learned over the years. We talk about our trip planning, our trips, places we like and places we don’t, the products we think you can’t live without and some you should. We even get into some reminiscing around the campfire. (Who doesn’t like the campfire stories?)

We also talk about what we can do as individuals to help the environment. The diffusion of responsibility is thinking someone else will do what is needed but we all bear the responsibility to take care of mother nature. Some of the things we can do are as simple as leaving your campsite cleaner when you leave than it was when you arrived (Leave No Trace). But some require a lot of people doing more than they can do…that’s when we donate!

We have been donating to a few different charities over the years but wanted to do more. This was one of the driving forces behind us designing and selling our nature-based merchandise. Now you can feel confident that you are doing more as well. We give 5% of our net sales to nature-based charities. Together we can do so much.

We hope you enjoy our merchandise, stories, tips, and reminiscing! Check-in often and please support some of our causes!


Be the one who cares because there is no guarantee that anyone else will.